Danny Chen feat. Nicole Rodriguez - Everything We Lost

Danny Chen is certainly no stranger to the Alter Ego family and rolling his sleeves up for 2015 the American starlet delivers the stunning, Everything We Lost! Featuring the harmonious and sweet vocal talents of Nicole Rodriguez who supplies a truly insatiable hook to get your teeth into! Along with the masterful original we also have two top drawer remixes from Monoverse and Puma Scorz & Sunset!

The Original Mix is a great fusion of talents from Danny and Nicole with an array of both explosive and soothing tones. An all round great production from the American taking us down a real electric journey with some fantastic melodies and real emotive moments! The breakdown is made of dreams with beautiful plucks and chords playing out creating a really powerful atmosphere, just the way we like it! The poignant break turns in a massive floor shattering climax and will cause havoc on any dance floor. This one will work as well in a the big rooms as it will around the pool!

Monoverse hands in the first remix, stamping his sound all over Everything We Lost and adding some real backbone to the massive vocal hooks of the original! Taking the tempo up a few notches, with a hard knock bassline, fantastic synth work and yet still making the vocal the real highlight.

Puma Scorz & Sunset pop in to give us another slice of their fresh uplifting sound. Sprinkling their own magical synths on top of the vocal and introducing a delightful piano in the break to take this one to dizzy new heights. Stunning!

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