Daniel Loubscher - Unexpected

Our favourite South African producer returns with his boldest record to date on Alter Ego Records, Unexpected!! An audacious outing for release 196 from the Cape Town based producer with a very clever neo progressive edged number, with a feast of melodic delights. If the original didn't quite quench your thirst we have a striking remix from Mike Sanders, who slips Unexpected into turbo gear!

The Original Mix sets the tone with it's electrifying undercurrent, polish big room percussion, great atmospherics and a real melancholic theme! Slowly building up in the intro with teasing, tension building plucks and intelligent grooves with it's driving low end, Unexpected breaks into a dark synthetic breakdown coupled with rich and dreamy layers! Building continuously into the climax leaving you on the edge of your seat until sliding into hysteria with an eccentric bass driven finale!

Mike Sanders is on the flip with his pure trance workout using the prints from the original and taking it on a whole new journey of his own, injecting a smörgåsbord of energy and feeling! Don't miss this one!

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