Dan Norvan - Solar Dreamer

TFB Records presents its 114th release, a track by Dan Norvan called Solar Dreamer; including original mix and two amazing remixes by R3dub and Stuarty Geddis.

Original mix is such a beautiful song, mixing the power of the uplifting bassline with the subtle melody of pure trance. This is indeed a song based on its stunning melody, it has been built from the purest sounds, where the essence of Trance remains untouched. A fantastic progression will lead us into the breakdown; an oasis of peace an soft sounds where the melody will reach its highest point. A soft but well produced uplift will finish with the break and will let the climax to begin. Massive tune brought to us by Dan Norvan, congratulations.

On the remix by R3dub we find a much darker song, with a higher presence of the bassline. The power of the whole song has been increased and its soul has been turned into a dark atmosphere. The mystic sensation the producer has achieved is just incredible, keeping a high level of tension within the intro and only letting the melody to appear on the breakdown. Serious work has been made on this song; this remix sounds with the best quality in dark Trance we have recently heard. Huge surprise by R3dub.

Finally we will find the remix by Stuarty Geddis. A strong remix, with a remarkable focus on the progression and how melody goes with bassline through the intro of the song. The character of the song on this remix is lighter than in the original, the melody takes the lead and it releases all the magic hidden on its sounds. This remix has been produced looking for this special feeling that soft melodies give us, and it has really achieved it. No doubt this remix will suit perfectly on every dancefloor with its energy and light sounds. Good job by Stuarty Geddis.

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