Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean - Back In Time, Far Away

TFB Records has the honour to present its 134th release, a track produced by Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean called Back in time, far away; including original mix and two stunning remixes by Abide and Skylex.

The original mix will surprise us with its gorgeous atmosphere, created since its very beginning, gathering a great and subtle baseline with the vaporous progression of the melody. This awesome intro will end up giving way for the breakdown to flood our minds. An incredibly stunning piano melody leads this break, one of the most beautiful ones we have recently listened. A original song with absolutely all the ingredients of a pure masterpiece of uplifting sound. Do not miss this ode to beauty. Huge congratulations to Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean!

On the remix signed by Abide, the energy of the baseline increases, getting a major presence within the whole introduction. The melody keeps releasing a decent amount of beauty, but it remains in a secondary place until the breakdown comes. Is on this break where the producer shows all his skills; it is all about storytelling. A huge world of wonders is what we find in this break, so many feelings that is impossible to describe. With this emotional essence, Abide shows the incredible level of quality he can give to his productions. Congratulations dude!

Last remix included on this release has the distinct mark of Skylex, a producer specialized on releasing a gorgeous dark sound, with an unstoppable energy, this is highly noticed on the stunning intro of the track. Anyhow, this brilliant producer, manages to mix one of the best dark sounds with a breakdown where everything seems to step into the world of pure uplifting; and this is simply awesome. A vast energy awaits for us within the beats of this remix, together with a magnificent atmosphere and many beautiful winks enhancing every single part of the song. Remix of the highest quality by Skylex!

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