Cosmic Heaven & Conrad Winged - Arcadia

We said we will deliver some of the best trance to you and what we have next on Beyond the Stars is nothing less than that!

The pack that we have lined-up is just of two tracks; an Original and a remix. It might seem a little less but after you hear it, you will be awestruck!

The Original is delivered by an artist who is making a steadfast entry into the scene with his superb releases; the one we are featuring is better than them all! We welcome Cosmic Heaven, who delivers a massive track that is a mixture of both uplifting and techlifting! It has deep and filthy basslines and leads into a melodious breakdown and later builds into an energetic climax! Its actually a superb track!

Second in the pack is the remix of the Original, delivered by a man from Poland who is currently putting out a lot of his releases and remixes! We are proud to welcome Sebastian Brushwood, who brings to us a softer form of uplifting of the Original track! Sebastian keeps the original style in place, but he has given the track a slightly soothing touch unlike the techy original track! The breakdown are even more melodious and the twist Sebastian has put to the track makes us applaud his production skills as he has made the track much more orchestral and accordant!

We are very proud to present to you 'Arcadia' by Cosmic Heaven including Sebastian Brushwood remix!

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