Christish pres. MANA - Kimochi

Who said girls don't do trance? Christish helps debunk this myth with her latest single, "Kimochi" under the MANA alias, signed to Suanda Music.

With hard-hitting and club-suited rhythm, her Original Mix is a fine example of a what a peaktime anthem should sound like. Entrancing and emotional lead, driven by the energetic bassline and well-tailored ambient synths, is sure to make Kimochi a tune to remember - even amid all other tracks you might play in your set on the same night. Expect a lot of ID requests on this one!

On the remix, we have the Polish star of uplifting trance, Simon O'Shine. If you'd prefer Kimochi in a more smooth and flowing, high-paced euphoric wrapping, look no further, as Simon delivers just that. With gentle aether vocal samples and the uplifting treatment of Christish's melody, his remix is a perfect addition to the collection of any uplifting trance lover.

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