Carlos De la Garza - Solaris

Previously on Sundance Recordings, with his remix work for Dan Delaforce 'Another World'. Carlos De la Garza returns with an impressive great production single called 'Solaris '.

The original mix is a pumping uplifting track with pure energy that comes from the veins of powerful drum beats, basslines and euphoric lead melodies to make the hands up in the peak time!

First up on the remix duties from fellow Mexican artist, D'nial delivers another energetic and atmospheric remix! He delivers a great remix for this one which mainly has fresh and hypnotizing pluck, raspy acid lines & lead melodies with an emotional character in an energetic uplifting vibe!

To conclude this release, another fellow Mexican producer Imida. He delivers rolling basses with effective dynamic transitions. Afterwards a beautifully crafted, mesmerizing breakdown welcomes to nice piano and captivating leads keeping a perfect atmosphere. Intense beats with much more emotion infused into the final mix.

This shows why the talented Mexican musicians Carlos De la Garza, D'nial and Imida were the most consistent trance producers around, an energetic music at its best!

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