Breame feat. Fiona Reid - You Are The Sun

Following two acclaimed releases on Always Alive, UK producer Breame presents his newest tune 'You Are The Sun' featuring Fiona Reid on vocals.

Harking back to Trance classics that were just as fit for casual listening as for energetic club nights, 'You Are The Sun' lays down a pounding bass-heavy rhythm with subtle strings and oscillating synthesizers, while Fiona Reid's intoxicating lyrics retain the tune's sentimental value.

Temple One enhances the track's power on his remix, adding a tasteful punch to the drums and synthesizer elements to reach another level of intensity.

A more progressive spin on the record comes from Kris Maydak's distinguished version, which adds additional bounce, in order to transform the record into an airier and more uplifting experience.

Blood Groove & Kikis remix showcases their engineering prowess, enhancing the track with an additional shot of energy, by sharpening the bass and synthesizer elements to make the groove pop even more.

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