With September’s iBelieve still visible in the release rearview, Bobina follows up his floor-waxing JES collab with another equally infective vocal team-up. This time out it finds the Russian working alongside singer/song-writer Natalie Gioia and if seeing their names B2B rings some bells, well it’s for good reason!4

A year and a week ago, the pair released Addicted, a track whose slower tempo cooler/slant shook up a fair few perceptions of what both artists ‘do’. My Everything - their sophomore production, presents the primetime club-whopping yin to Addicted’s chilled, radio-friendly yang.

Bobina uses the opening half of My Everything to front-&-centre Natalie’s seraphim vocals, with the Ukrainian singer’s lyrics adding a bittersweet, heartfelt nature to the production. Come the end of the breakthrough, Bobina allows the snares to ride, before his supremely uplifting synths seize the track wholesale.

Completing the release’s all-Eastern European line-up, Belarus’ UCast (producer Aleksei Tsygankov) mixes My Everything tactically. With his endorphin-coursing interpretation, he shifts it into full-blown uplift territory. Through echoing FX, steely sub-lines, and rafter-removing lead ones, he pushes its tempo & tone needle deep into the red.

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