Blue5even - Cloudburst

Instigating a real avalanche for his debut on Alter Ego Records is Tunisian producer Blue5even with Cloudburst! A truly trailblazing outing for release 194 with a forceful and melodious vision! A pure summer uplifting jewel! In addition to the truly explosive original we have a huge remix to boot from newly signed South Korean whizkid Plutian with another ground shaking rendition!

Scorching tones set up for the festival season ahead, Cloudburst has got the pure trance feel to it with an myriad of energy, brutish drive, alluring guitars, enticing plucked themes, crisp percussion and sweltering undertones! Don'y miss this one!

Plutian continues the onslaught on the flip with a thrilling account of Cloudburst, turning up the energy levels even higher! Strap yourself in!

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