Blue Horizon - Invincible / Homecoming

Polish producer Blue Horizon returns to the Beyond The Stars Records label team with his EP 'Invincible / Homecoming'.

His Original Mix for Invincible begins with a chiming percussive sound on the off beat. This adds to the groove of the track and the synths fill this into a monster of an uplifter!

The Danny Legatto Remix gives full power to the drive and energy of the track. The lead fitting perfectly into the mix, fulfilling this full flow of feeling.

Homecoming (Original Mix) has a bouncy vibe to it. The breakdown lets the rhythm progress with such beautiful relaxation your ears will never turn off!

The Cosmic Heaven Remix of Homecoming overflows with fluidity, capturing your mind with the steps it lays down. Naturally your shoulders will move with the beat of this one!

Four tracks put together that complete an expected wonder piece by Blue Horizon, no question each of them you will keep coming back too!

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