Berger & Artigas - Singularity

Berger & Artigas make their first outing on Blue Soho main imprint with the very inspiring classic trance Singularity. On remix duties we have Argentinian star XGenic as they put the track on whole another level!

The Original mix is a delightful, deep & classic trance themed monster, which builds gradually into stunning atmospherics. Singularity offers elements which will leave you hitting the repeat button. To add to that there is an abundance of drive and power with an emotive top line that really puts Berger & Artigas on the trance map with their fantastic debut, Singularity!

XGenic remix certainly lives up to expectations as they turn the somewhat flying original into a peak time piece of magic. An array of soaring pads, roaring saws and great use of the XGenic's significant bassline along with a rock solid and very danceable drum set.

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