Ben'Yala - Maya

TFB Records presents the original song Maya, produced by Ben'Yala, as its 175th release; also including two stunning remixes by R3dub and Skylex.

In the original mix we will find a marvelous Uplifting sound performing a great progression, with some subtle voices and a decent amount of acid sounds. This progression also creates a gorgeous mystic atmosphere, which flows above the beats, releasing a very unique feeling. When the breakdown comes, the level of mysticism rises unstoppable together with a gorgeous melody supported by the subtle voices. Definitely a huge mix of sounds, releasing an incredible amount of magic within their notes. After an uplift full of energy, the explosion of the climax brings to us the final mix where the main elements meet the baseline. Tremendous sound achieved by Ben'Yala, totally surprising. Congratulations!

R3dub is the man behind the first remix, named T3chMix; a clear information about what we are going to find in this remix. Prepare all your body to dance wildly with the unbelievable power of this song, let the baseline to lead your heartbeats and feel how the progression takes control of your mind. A rollercoaster of pure energy which ends in the breakdown, where a soft and a peacefull atmosphere appears, for a few seconds, to let us take a deep breathe before the explosion take us into the wildness again. The incredible combination of energy with the miracle voices gives to the whole mix a very intense essence of an untold quality. An unbeatable rush of emotions produced by R3dub, good work mate!

Third remix is signed by Skylex, one of the men of 2015 with a meteoric career. He brings a remix full of alien sounds, with a very tasty baseline, energetic but different, full of dark winks and unique acid notes. The atmosphere brought from the deep space leads us into a shining breakdown where nothing seems to be real. Right when our mind is completely lost into the darkness, the melody appears to light up the way with an energetic soul. The whole song presents a fight in our mind to realize where we are, here or there, this is a gorgeous achievement by Skylex with the addition of such incredible alien sounds into a masterpiece of well known Uplifting sound. This remix will not let you indifferent, do not miss it. Thanks Skylex!

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