Ben Ashley - My Destiny

Digital Insomnia Recordings kick-start 2016 with a Classic Uplifting Trance release from the talented Ben Ashley.
This track is a personal journey for Ben. A big name in the Trance scene once told him to 'never give up', and you only get out what you put in' we have to say these are very wise words.

Ben states:

'I called this track 'My Destiny', because music is my destiny; 'Destiny' also being my daughter's name. The track took 7 months to make and was very hard work and frustrating at times, as i wanted it to be as uplifting as i could get it. There would be so many times I took parts out and put new arrangements in; changing it totally until I was happy.'

My Destiny is reminder of the wonderful Uplifting Trance period that was once dominant in the scene. This Trance melody could easily be archived into the wall of sound along some great classics. Driving rolling trance Basslines, Punchy Kicks, subtle sound design changes, lifting effects and hands in the air melody moments.


dB9 Project, delivers a 132bpm pounding progressive kick, an uplifting feel with driving acid and electro basslines, driving rhythms and vocal infused effect; flowing into warming melodic breakdown, before introducing the main melody introduces itself, and once again fusing together with more beats and FX.

Merc delivers a more punchier tempo, keeping with similar style flow to the Original Mix. The track then leads into a massive melody plucks infused by piano, pads, strings all building to the main riff and once again hitting back with a subtle snare build and once again pounding basslines, kicks and rhythms.

So we present Ben's first release 'My Destiny'; we hope to hear many more uplifting melodies in the future, enjoy!

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