Balearicwave - Lost Shores

Armada-signed artist Balearicwave is BACK in the music scene but in spirit, as we revive a classic, unheard, unreleased track with remixers of today in the sound of yesterday and quality only Beyond Perception Music can bring....

Reminiscent of the old Binary Finary and Gouryella melodic and harmonic simplicity, this ultra uplifting down-tempo piece was originally written as a Balearic track at a modest 128bpm and intended for release on Balearicwave's own label, Anphonic Records. It was remixed by the our own rising uplifting and prized resident LiMZ along with label owner Arrakeen in 2012 but Anphonic's concept sadly never saw light as Balearicwave's highly successful podcast "Chillcast" required massive amounts of his focus, thus never took full form and the true sound of yesterday remained lost in that era.

A new era of Trance has begun and we decided that it's about time we rework it and allow yesterday's magic to do its trick today and here it is... Oddly lacking an original due to a project lost in time, the remixes do it justice and perhaps a part two will be called for in the future? Who knows but uplifting to the max this is, with remixers giving it rebirth.... Neo Kekkonen adds finesse only he can create along with another natural born talent and up and coming name with releases across the uplifting scene, Magic Sense, who will blow you away with a harder hitting thumping version that has an eerie dark tinge to it... Dark meets Balearic Sunlight? Let's see what happens!

From pure uplifting to hard-driven uplifting and even an uplifting-orchestral variation of a once purely Balearic track, a ground-up rework of Arrakeen's original 2012 remix gives that new sound a beautiful Balearic-Isle inspired breakdown with a full orchestra and atmosphere of 'island life'. The time machine has finally opened it's doors...

And while you enjoy this beautiful masterpiece remade with its soul and heart intact, let us know of your yearning to hear the original and we will make the best effort we can to have Balearicwave come back to recreate the original in his vision of how it should sound.


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