Balearia & Johannes Fischer - Antique Orient EP

It's not every day that we have a collaboration spanning the distance from Algeria to Germany, but here we have a special one for you! Balearía and Johannes Fischer join forces to bring us wonderful music from the Orient in this fantastic EP.

We start off with Prelude, which includes a beautiful solo duduk melody combined with some mysterious hummings.

Hegra is an ancient pre-Islamic site in Saudi Arabia, and this track maintains the emotional oriental sound but gets a more fast-paced melody by the frequent use of the different percussion instruments.

Derinkuyu also includes an oriental atmosphere by the use of string instruments with a duduk melody that gives a low-pitched sound. This will make you feel like you're in the ancient multi-level underground city in Turkey that this track is named after.

Finally, Achaemenid - which refers to the First Persian Empire - starts with an enigmatic voice followed by a distinctive duduk that gives a downhearted emotion. The addition of the drums and cymbals totally absorbs the listener into a warm Persian sound-like vibe all along.

If you are a lover of chillout music, oriental music, world music, or ethnic vibes, we are sure you will enjoy this release! Close your eyes, and be ready to be taken away!

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