What better way to get your week going with some positive thoughts then to treat yourself with some fresh, uplifting trance music that is able to paint stories in your head. The gatekeepers are here to deliver exactly that in a form of this new release that is produced by Aziz Aouane & Jeïtam Oshéen. The track is called Ethereal for a good reason as it features those amazing pad like vocals in the intro joined together with a unique guitar melodies. The breakdown is so lush with those magnificently produced pianos that will carry you into another world in an instant. The story doesn't end there and we're soon finding ourselves surrounded by the groovy plucks which slowly build momentum and introduce again that memorable electric guitar. With such an outstanding track like the one you have just heard, this duo is surely to be watched!

On the B side of this record we have a remix by one of the Morocco's finest trance talents, Mhammed El Alami a producer who is being supported by all the big names out there. Let's dig into this production and see his vision of Ethereal. The intro doesn't reveal much and we're left craving for those melodies we heard in the original, this is why the anticipation starts building up even more for that breakdown. We are soon welcomed with those amazing piano melodies while the plucked instruments take over and introduce one big dropdown which has a lot more energy going on than the original piece, something that our uplifting trance fans will appreciate very much. The pleasure gets extended with the introduction of the electric guitar which blended in perfectly with the rest of the mix, ending this remix on a high note.

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