Presenting the release number 030, we have the original song by Aziz Aouane, 'Elements'; we are releasing both original mix and a marvellous remix by Sky Flight.

The original song brings a stunning unique sound with a lot of different ingredients being mixed since its beginning. Releasing such an impressive mix of sounds, the progression gets stronger during its way to the breakdown. Once we get immersed into the break, a great dark ambience surrounds us and, together with the brilliant melody, it takes us into an inner trip into our deepest feelings. In an excellent and subtle way, a lot of tension is gathered and it rises the pressure until the climax is reached, where the astonishing notes of the melody finally meet the baseline to release such an incredible sound. Gorgeous song by Aziz Aouane, achieving a very characteristic sound with his own footprint.

Sky Flight is the producer behind the huge remix in which we find an even greater power within the baseline, and a major presence of the voice sample that gives its special soul to the song. With an unbeatable mix of sounds, the progression flows until everything falls down into the break. It is a real abysm where we fall into, being amazed by the mystic atmosphere created by the magical voice and the subtle pads surrounding it. But soon comes the energetic melody and the rest of the ingredients that quickly arise a good amount of tension and lead us to the main part of the song where the purest uplifting sound is waiting for us. Very impressive remix by Sky Flight giving to his remix a blinding authentic sound!

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