Attila Syah feat. Danny Claire - Sounds

For his debut release on Abora, Attila Syah joins forces with vocalist Danny Claire. Together, they bring us a very powerful and cheerful song: here is 'Sounds'.

This is a song that is sure to make you smile 🙂 Yet it will also give you goosebumps and make you think deeply too.

'Sounds' perfectly represents all the emotions that Vocal Trance can bring. Starting off with a powerful introduction, Attila shows that he can create exciting build ups, filled with meticulous vocal chops.

The breakdown that follows is classic Danny Claire, exactly what we all love about her, and leads into an emotionally powerful climax that bounces with energy and will get your audience in the air.

The pack also includes a Dub Mix that is purely instrumental, and a Radio Edit too.

Attila & Danny have made a very memorable impression with ‘Sounds’, and we look forward to bringing you more of their awesome music soon!

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