We welcome Russian born producer Nasyrov Artur Faritovich aka Artsever on Alter Ego Progressive, this time with a superb debut release with 'My Installation'. An electrifying big room tracks crafted for maximum peak time destruction, each boasting their own wicked tricks for release 248! On remix duties we have Aressa.

The original mix teases with exquisite undertones pound out alongside a barrage of high octane synth work! A glittering square lead theme builds in the intro before igniting itself in the break before it launches off again into the climax with an almighty bang! Solid sounds from the Russian!

The Aressa remix is the lightly harder take on the original, with bold and daring undertones furiously rattling out of the cones along with tight, grooving percussion and airy atmospherics! Don't miss this one!

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