Keeping the momentum going on Blue Soho, this is a guy we're predicting big things for this year, we welcome to the label Arctic Motion with Apollo 11 EP.

Apollo 11 starts the ball rolling and what a taster into Arctic Motion's sound this. The melody in this track will no doubt have you in emotional wreck on the dancefloor as it really does yank on those heart strings. But this track is no soft touch at all, as the fiery acids are worked around the plucks and bass in the groove perfectly giving this track plenty of movement on the floor!

Meridian is another tech-lifting banger. This track really does pack plenty of punch with its brutal kick and menacing bassline, throw in a lively acid line and we are well on the way to destroying clubs worldwide. Once the riff starts to build in the break everything kicks back into action with an almighty bang, leaving havoc in its path!

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