aran - Golden Yellow

Two years from his debut track "Synesthesia", Otographic's young talent aran is back to the label with the new track "Golden Yellow", which provides a feeling of warm lambencies based on his unique palette of sounds.

"Golden Yellow" is derived from a Japanese traditional color "Yamabuki". In the Original Mix, aran represents its visual perception by the velvety synths and mesmeric pluck ripples. A variety of motifs is overlapped in a subtle layering, in addition the huge and elegant melody appears in the breakdown to lead us to the dramatic highlight.

Taking a journey to the retro vibe, Nhato Remix brings the old-school flavour and induces an electro-charged blowout that instantly rocks the dancefloor. Focusing the tough and menacing baselines which are bursted together with the vintage stems, the hybridization of classic and forefront style shows Nhato's accomplished approach.

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