Beyond Perception Music is about to make a fast comeback, with our 'Signature Artist' Kevin 3ngel teaming up with another very talented uplifting orchestral trance artist, Ar-2, for the closing track of this 5 Track EP!

Ar-2 demonstrates his straight up ability at making fine emotional film-score-like Trance with 3 variations of the same track that needs little to explain but to hit play.

A progressive and very artistic groovy remix by Gabriel Volt, another newcomer to our family adds some interesting variations in style and a must hear!

Only Memories is accompanied by a 'B side', a pure original by Ar-2 and Kevin 3ngel, and in our trademark Cinematic Trance™ theme yet, and is set to kickstart a new quarter and powerful forthcoming year for Beyond Perception Music.

This sets the bar... Enjoy!

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discovered just now….this is a beauty!