Anske - Little Dreamer

Lithuanian native, Anske, has been steadily making a name for himself with a combination of elegantly produced, intricate and melodically pleasing tracks.

In his second Lange Recordings release, Anske crafts a truly beautiful number in 'Little Dreamer' filled with deft vocal plucks, surging atmospherics and crunching pads, whilst oozing positive overtones and groove. Anske's return to Lange Recordings is well deserved.

The Lithuanian producer gives us a further glimpse into his creative mind by offering an Alternative Mix of 'Little Dreamer', where he provides more breathing space for the previously subtle melodies and positive overtones, which result in an even more uplifting sonic palette.

The first re-imagining of the track comes from Argentinian duo Ariel & Danilo. With the use of warmer synthetic elements the producers inject the tune with a smoother groove to achieve a more progressive feel.

Canadian producer, Yang, injects his trademark electro-tinged Trance style to forge a driving and emotive rendition of the original, adding to the release's diversity.

Tying up the release sees, fellow Lithuanian producer, Sunset Slave offer the cleanest version of 'Little Dreamer' with precisely controlled melodies and percussive elements, which, fittingly, would make it a perfect track to listen to during a sunset.

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