Andy Elliass - Elizjum

Andy Elliass is a familar name to Soho Music and this time he is making his debut on main imprint with his new aptly named single, Elizjum for release and provides an absolute fire-cracker.

On the remxix duty, we have his crazy-countryfella Matt "The Bomber" Skyer.

The original mix boats an enchanting, classically fused top line, smooth undertones, sharp percussion, haunting riffs and a huge arena sized presence! This guy definitely deserves to be followed up!

Uplifting lovers know this name very clear and always wanted to see him on Blue Soho, so here we go : Matt Skyer puts his name on the label and turns in an assured mix with killa-beats, soaring pads and one hell of a cheeky bassline! Matt Skyer borrows the potent top line from the original and spices it up with some more real energy and emotion as he always does!

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