Alphabet feat. Arc - Anymore

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: "What's The Bearded Man's native language?" Some believe Dutch, others erroneously associate English with the man. And while these people are partly correct, they don't know the whole story.

A true polyglot, it's said that The Bearded Man learned not just one alphabet by the age of 5, but all 46 modern alphabetical variants in usage around the world today. He even knows more languages than the venerable Swami Rambhadracharya of India.

Some may ask "how did he do it?" Perhaps a better question would be "why did he do it?" In the words of the great American poet Christopher Brian Bridges, it's simply because he's got "hoes in different area codes."

'Nuff said. That's how he met producer duo alphabet., and fell in love with 'Anymore' featuring Arc.

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