Alexis Mixail - Naga Siren

Up next on our label we proudly present 'Alexis Mixail' with a dreamy full-on-melody progressive. 'Naga Siren' inspired by a melee agility hero from a game, transcribes an emotional melodic vibe in the build, with a running pluck controlling the ambiance all the way till the breakdown, when an awesome vocal comes in and transforms the 'siren' calls for us. Then a jumpy lead takes over, with which the track pretty much concludes the drop, keeping the vox running in the back.

The first remix comes from 'Airzoom' highlighting an uplifting transparency. Going melodic & emotional on the drive, he re-engineered the build up with his style, giving a lovely feeling to it. The sirens start the break before a piano piece changes the concept of the original. A truly delightful sensation in the break. A reconstructed lead to lift the uplifting audience, gives this track a special value.

We close this pack with the talented 'Jesse Suun' from Mexico. He goes progressive, remaking the original with his sounds & touches which are obvious. A different bassline gives an external perspective, as well as a pluck running build with ambient voices from the back. The breakdown matches the original at the start with the piano sound taking over the pluck notes. Then a bouncy lead takes care...& the rest is magic!

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