Alex Blest - Fragments Of Bliss

After winning major support on his collaboration "Wind Of Hope" with UDM earlier this year, Ukrainian producer Alex Blest sees his full debut on Defcon with a massive uplifting single"Fragments Of Bliss."

The original is an epic journey of symphonic synths, building and building throughout to deliver a huge uplifting, melodic affair that's guaranteed to delight.

Essonita takes a completely new direction on his remix, delivering a filthy progressive/electro take on the track, backing up the sublime break with a huge floor-shuddering bass.

Defcon favourite Silica follows up his latest EP release with his remix, bringing a harder, more banging edge to the track, aimed at the peak-time dancefloors.

Rounding things off, Defcon veteran Magdelayna delivers another of his legendary chilldown mixes, a sublime downtempo effort to round off the release nicely.

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