Alessandra Roncone - Secret Influence

TFB Records proudly presents its 75th release, a track called Secret Influence by Alessandra Roncone; including original mix and three amazing remixes.

The original mix is the kind of uplifting track everybody wants to listen on a big party, gathering the best of the powerful music with the finest melody. This is a trully powerful song, with a fantastic bassline and progression. An incredible breakdown will stun us all, with an outer space voice and a brilliant melody. A subtle journey throught the deepest parts of mind. A great uplift will carry us into the climax, where the full bassline meets the main melody exploding into a huge mix of beautiful sounds. No doubt this is a very well produced song, very complex and which has achieved an amazing level of quality and power.

The first remix has been produced by Imida, and this producer has given an even deeper soul to the song. The power of the bassline remains as great as it is, and also the progression is impressive, but on this remix, the character of the song gets darker. An excellent breakdown and uplift will fill the main part of the song, where we will first listen to the main melody. After the break, we will enjoy with the purest trance sound, an astonishing melody mixed with an unbeatable bassline, the essence of trance. This is an incredibly serious song, with one of the finest uplifting sounds we have ever release; a winning bet for quality.

On the second remix we will find the distinct touch of Cosmic Heaven. This producer has applied his medicine to the original in order to transform it in a remix of an incredible quality. The signature of Cosmic Heaven is that he can achieve an ultra serious work and also keep all the power and essence of uplifting untouchable; and this remix is a great example. The cloudy melody within the breakdown and the following climax are just masterpieces of trance. Amazing trance sensation achieved by Cosmic Heaven; this mix deserves to be carefully listened.

The third remix comes by the hand of Mark L with the 'Tech mix' label; an it hugely deserves this label because this remix has an incredibly amazing tech taste. The voice takes a lot of presence within the whole song, while the progression gets high leading us into the breakdown. This break represents a little island of peace between the storm of power, but this peace ends when the unbelievable uplift appears, an uplift that will stun our minds and will make an amazing tension. After it, the wild changes and progression will keep on rocking the song with their incredible power and the party feeling will never stop. A remix for the wildest lovers of trance.

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