Aitra - Through It All

We don't get to deal with many female producers in this genre, but when we do it's a total refreshment, as something new is brought to the table. Aitra is one of them, with a track called Through It All. The production starts with a soothing intro, revealing angelic voice that will guide us in this journey. The heart of the song is emotionally driven with dreamy vocals and soft piano melodies that go so well together.

The first remix is done by Stunson, whose take is characterized by a raw progressive synths in the intro, but the breakdown is totally opposite, as it breaths with calmness and amazing plucked sounds that soon get replaced by stabbing synths and a sweeping dropdown.

To make the journey complete, uplifting mix is done by Tranceangel. His take starts with fast beats and euphoric synths, intertwined with vocal hooks that lead to an ethereal breakdown of pure trance magic. The synths get back on track and we're dancing away to an uplifting dropdown.

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