Airzoom - Sky World

Trance All-Stars Records continues to bring quality! Featuring this time is a progressive and uplifting producer from Azerbaijan! We had him before for a remix, we are featuring him this time with a release of his own; it is Airzoom! He brings to us a track that is mixed with elements of uplifting, progressive, euphoria and orchestra! It is definitely a unique track by him!

We have not one but two remixers on duty for this one! First up is a producer who is known to produce some of the best chill-out and electronics tracks! We welcome Bart Panco to the main imprint! He gives a perfect remix to the Original. He displays his signature style in this remix as it has orchestral, chill and electronica elements; one's that will leave you mesmerised! Bart Panco brings to us a special Orchestral remix!

Second remix we have on this one is no new to the world of uplifting! He has produced some of the well-known tracks in the uplifting track industry; he adds one more to the list by remixing this one! It is the Moroccan producer Mhammed el Alami as the second remixer! Mhammed gives the track the necessary touch of uplifting! He completely pumps the energy of the track as he transforms the orchestral and progressive elements of the Original into uplifting!

Trance-All Stars Records presents 'Sky World' by Airzoom, including Bart Panco Orchestral Remix and Mhammed El Alami Remix!

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