TFB Records proudly presents its 186th release with the new original song by the spanish producer Acues, Toy Song; including the original mix and a brilliant remix by Eryon Stocker.

In the original song we will find a starting cheerful ambience performed by a vast clubby baseline but, as the progression follows, more Uplifting ingredients start to appear. When we reach the breakdown, a completely different atmosphere embraces us and its mystic sound reveals a deep melody. The incoming uplift is so great, so long and releases such a huge amount of energy that it is just undescriptible; but the tension created seems to have no limit. The following climax shows a magnific mix of the energy of the baseline and the subtle Uplifting character of the melody, creating a really impressive song. We just have to thank Acues for this stunning song and for his incredible producing skills! Congrats mate!

Eryon Stocker is the man behind the impressive remix we can also find in this release. Eryon has chosen a full Uplifting sound for this remix, creating a magnific baseline with a lot of brilliant ingredients which performs a stunning progression, helped a bit by the addition of little voices. Following this powerful base we reach the breakdown where we can feel the true soul of the song, a mystic atmosphere embracing the melody and the incoming beauty from the pure trance lead. This lead is the one in charge of creating the tension of the uplift and it does pretty well, enhancing a lot this part of the song and adding even more expectation for the climax to come. A explosion of what we call 100% Uplifting is what we can find on the main part of the song, elevating this remix among the Olympus of masterpieces. Awesome tune by Eryon Stocker, completely massive! Thanks mate!

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