Artist album releases seemed to have died down recently, but we were pleasantly informed today that details about Activa's album "Origins" had been made available.

Excelling with any production he puts his mind to, Activa starts off with the beautiful "For Emily" and transcends his way through some stunning tracks even dropping the odd collaboration with favourites like Orkidea, Jennifer Rene and Julie Harrington.

Everything from "Z21" with its exhilarating break, "Fall In" which sounds very Gabriel & Dresden esque, "Anamara" with its banging edge and the ultra uplifting "Into Pieces"... all compiles together fantastically.

Released in October, we can't wait for this one!



Activa - For Emily
Activa & Lo - Leave A Light On
Activa & Rolo Green featuring Julie Harrington - Reach Out
Activa & Orkidea - Z21 (Activa’s ‘Origins' Mix)
Activa - Let Them Know
Activa - Fade From View
Activa & Shelley Segal - Fall In
Activa - Journey Home
Activa - Anamara
Activa & Shannon Hurley - Return To Life
Activa - Into Pieces
Activa & John Dopping - A Future Memory (Activa’s ‘Origins’ Mix)
Activa - Polestar
Activa & Jennifer Rene - Stranger
Activa - Epilogue [Outro]

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