Let's celebrate another year of chillout music! For the fourth edition, Receptive, Ori Uplift, Johannes Fischer, and illitheas picked the 14 very best chillout and orchestral tracks released in 2016 on the Abora family of labels: Abora Chillout, Abora Skies, and the main Abora Recordings imprint.

Featuring top talented artists such as Afternova, illitheas, Johannes Fischer, Driftmoon, InnerSync, Night Sky, Matt Leger, Serotonin, Anton Seim, Dipshankar Das, Personality Disorder, and more!

Moreover, the release includes a continuous DJ mix of all 14 tracks, beautifully mixed by Johannes Fischer and Ori Uplift for the pleasure of our ears.

Enjoy this wonderful 'Abora Chillout: Best of 2016' release!

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