Abide - Nostalgic EP

The next release comes from a very talented artist in the Trance scene, 'Abide' delivering two beautiful compositions on our third EP release 'Nostalgic'. Side A, 'Stay Calm', represents a true euphoric uplifter with floating basslines covering nearly the entire body as well as a beautiful melodic drive build up followed by a piano piece break. The main lead comes in and shapes things up back in the climax. Will surely make you smile!

On the other hand, 'Nostalgic' concludes the two-track pack with a typical yet outstanding uplifting journey. A great pluck-lead combination completes the dreamy build up, not to forget the emotional synths at the break creating an awesome ambiance and taking the track to a different state with the addition of a stunning pluck melody till the driving lead synth comes in, taking over the whole drop. It reminds us exactly of a happy memory from the past.

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