A.R.D.I. - Kobia

Synchronized Music is excited to announce their sub-label Synchronized Melodies' next release – perhaps their most highly anticipated one to date. A.R.D.I., one of the scene's most impressive and talented artists in recent memory, is on the verge of releasing an exciting new EP entitled "Kobia." The release includes an 'Original Mix' and a 'Sunset Remix' of the self-titled EP's signature track, as well as a collaborative remix produced by Souhail Semlali, Naoufal Laramni, and Matt Chowski.

The opening track on the release is "Kobia (Original Mix)", an explosive celebration of the uplifting trance style. Fueled by pounding drums, atmospheric soundscapes, and the track's natural raw energy, it soars melodically equally as much as it does rhythmically, and provides listeners with enough intense musical content to make their heads spin for days on end. It's subsequently followed by A.R.D.I.'s very own 'Sunset Remix' of the track – an invigorating alternative that roars with its infectious grooves and evolving melodic elements. Although somewhat similar in nature to the 'Original Mix', the 'Sunset Remix' offers a refreshing new take on the piece, and should prove to be just as rewarding as the original. The EP finally reaches its grand finale with a thunderous remix produced by Souhail Semlali & Naoufal Lamrani vs Matt Chowski, rather than slowing things down for a softer style, they decide to turn things up a notch with their own intense adaptation to bring the EP to a dramatic conclusion. From start to finish, this release never manages to lose its momentum.

As one would come to expect from an artist of A.R.D.I.'s caliber, the release has already received extensive support from numerous big-name DJs and record labels alike, providing fans with an early idea of what to expect.

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