A.M.R - Time Lapse / World Without Colour

Doha-based producer A.M.R renders his return to the Alter Ego progressive imprint after a hefty break, and reintroduces himself with this simply stunning double header 'Time Lapse / World Without Colour'. An EP that will take you away from wherever you are or whatever you are doing; a truly sincere piece of music!

Both tracks tell a poignant story with a collection of perfect sonic flavours. Warm and sun-kissed plucks, crisp and driving percussion, emotive ethnic woodwinds, and smooth and dreamy guitar lines make for a perfect combination! The breakdown is lit up by an emotive string and guitar theme which rolls into an unbelievably poignant climax that will leave you hitting the repeat button, again and again,. Don't miss this one!

Stunning work from A.M.R and the start of a very good year for him.

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