We welcome back Doha-based producer A.M.R with his third outing to the Alter Ego stables this year, with the simply stunning 'Light That Never Died' featuring the stunning Diane Leah on vocals! A record that will take you away from wherever you are or whatever you are doing, a truly sincere piece of music! On remix duties we have Anden State and label newcomer Ezekiel.

The original mix is an intelligent and highly graceful production, fusing emotive themes and 'Diane Leah' delicate and serene vocal tones! With a breakdown that will make you melt A.M.R introduces some gorgeous harmonies! Pure tones from the duo that will leave you hitting the repeat button all day long! This is A.M.R doing what he does best.

Hungarian based producer Anden State takes on remix duties for the first of two remixes, and serves up beautiful summer inspiring aural gem, with warm melodies, beautiful lulling pianos & a real emotive and soothing theme. The typical Anden State sound.

Last but not least we have label newcomer Ezekiel who gives 'Light That Never Died' a stunning bouncy take, following the same sort of vibe as his releases, fantastic remix.

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