It's with a very sad breath, that I'm here to announce the closure of the Crystal Clouds website effective the end of June 2023.

I will reflect and post further news items in the coming weeks to thank everybody who has been part of this journey with us, but as a quick breakdown I wanted to list what will happen between now and the end of June.

Until June 30th:

  • New Mixes will continue to be posted on the website
  • Any Classic Mixes we've been posted will hopefully be completed
  • News articles will be created to help you migrate to support your favourite DJs on other platforms (the majority is SoundCloud admittedly!)
  • Paypal/Donation widget will be removed to prevent further donations
  • All download limits will be lifted to allow people to download any mixes they may be missing!

Beyond June 30th:

  • will redirect to our SoundCloud channel
  • All mixes, tracklists, databases and otherwise will be taken offline
  • Hopefully classic mixes will be posted on SoundCloud for those who use the platform
  • Hopefully we can keep Crystal Clouds Top Tens running, which will air as normal and then be posted to SoundCloud also
  • Crystal Clouds Social channels will still be available if you want to follow us - we never want to forget this last 20 year period. It has been amazing!


Please know that this has been done as a last resort.

I really have enjoyed all of your company for the last 20 years and your support for us and the DJs has been amazing.

I will never forget it and hope to keep in contact with as many of you as possible, because ultimately my love for trance continues to peak. This is why I'm not closing everything down and walking fully away.

If you'd like to reach out to me privately, please email or for those who have other contact methods for me - you know where to find me.




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Really enjoyed Crystal Clouds, sorry to see it go, but thank you for providing such a great platform!


I’m sorry this site couldn’t continue but I acknowledge the amount of work and ressources you have put into this project.
I have really enjoyed all the mixes throughout the years (I discovered Crystal Clouds by the time Aly & Fila published their Future Sound of Egypt #80).
Thank you for all your efforts :o)


Been here for most of that 20. Gutted you’re going. All the best and thanks for sharing the good stuff with us.

Peter Parker

I will really really miss CC.


Bummer – this was probably my most favorite website 🙁


Gutted, Crystal Clouds was the only place I’ve been able to find some of my favourite mixes. Thanks a lot for all the work to keep it going for 20yrs!


Sad to hear this 🙁
Was a great resources for trance lovers and my go to for awesome mixes for a very long time!

Thankyou for all your hard work and dedication to keeping the site running as long as you have! I know it has not been easy over the years!

Good luck with the future and trance on! 🙂


I’m very sad to read this. i recall a few years ago we were at this same juncture, but now it seems decided. I will send an email to see if there are any alternatives. the soundcloud option doesn’t seem to allow for full mp3 download, so this is big fidelity and convenience compromise.
regardless, i’m so appreciative of CC’s generosity and efforts that have enriched my life for almost two decades.
Steve in Florida
ad4e_ham ( at )


CC has been a favorite site for some time! I recall the days when we would listen to FSOE live and chat about the tracks in real time, that was like 2008-2009 time. And that huge 5th birthday party with live streams all day, and the massive Aly and Fila set! I recorded it live from the stream. It will be a shame to see the site go, but with monetary donations drying up, it seems inevitable. I look forward to the soundcloud channel, and look forward to whatever iteration CC will take in the future! now…sit back..hold on…and enjoy… Read more »

Space Garden

Hello everyone, the news that Crystal Clouds is now coming to an end in this form makes me very sad. It’s one of the few websites I’ve visited every day since around 2005+ and still today. Where I’ve had the chance to meet great people. Greetings to EVM, Styarc, gp1 and Gord. Thank you for supporting me for so long and for letting me present my music to you. And of course all my listeners and all the people I got to know (Freezel, DJ Precision, AboveTheClouds, Mr.Smith, uplifting1, Yaz, TeroA, Ilgaz, Berk and everyone i forgot). All the exciting… Read more »

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Oh no :'(
After quite an absence from me (sorry!), I recently found that you/CC was still going and I was SO happy about that!

Thank you for having kept this going for so long and I wish you all the best 🙂


Hi I just read sad news about closing CC, i would like to step in and offer my hosting to support crystalclouds, only expense will be domain, i pay for hosting, i can host website and forum(s), and maybe mixes if 30 GB of space will suffice, but i can offer you free hosting with email(s) under domain. Long fan of cc, my oasis to get music. Server is in Poland allready payed for it till 2032, if you wish to discuss this please contact me on this email or contact form from my website Best regards… Read more »


great option you offer Tom, thank you, and I hope we can keep CC viable.
As well, I’m very sad CC may be/is closing. I can help pay for CC services too (even though the is already paid for).
CC has enriched my life for almost two decades.
Steve in Florida
ad4e_ham (at)


What i meant by expenses for domain,”” will have to be payed for.
My domain “” is paid for from my own money as well as server.

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Browser error, thought my message was deleted, sorry for that

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Rob Evans

Guys, really proud of you and all you have achieved. You have worked hard and done a really amazing job! I for one am truly grateful for the chance to have been a part of it over the years and to have been placed amongst such gifted and talented dj’s and producers… Also I have such great memories of us, most days as it was back then, in the chat on the old site before it fell over. I remember particularly one time laughing so much I was on the floor! 😂 It was so good to meet all you… Read more »