Many of you may have noticed some minor changes around the Crystal Clouds website recently!

Some decisions have been made recently to stick to our core activities rather than getting dragged back by work that isn't necessarily a positive part of our wonderful trance project.

As the administrators of Crystal Clouds work on the site in their spare time, it is integral that we enjoy what we do in order to make the project a success!

Of course, our continued success relies on all of the very generous people out there who keep donating to keep the server and therefore the project alive. A big thank you from the admin team to all those who have helped CC reach what is nearly it's 14th birthday!

Please find below a brief list of committed and pending changes to the Crystal Clouds website.

  • "Buddypress" social plugin has been removed. This plugin uses a large amount of resources and is also behind all of the "Spam" users that have arrived on Crystal Clouds to do nothing other than cause us a headache.
  • Featured posts have been removed from the front page. We were not necessarily making full use of this functionality and it forced users to scroll unnecessarily.
  • Releases are no longer being posted. Crystal Clouds is desperate to help promote Trance & Progressive, but the release feed is too time consuming at present. That said - if anybody out there is interested in helping us with it... please contact us!
  • Featured Crystal Clouds MixCloud mixes have been added to the right hand side to help spread word of our social media channels
  • Database optimization is on going to reduce the size of the Crystal Clouds website. This should allow much faster website loading for all users.
  • New features including SoundCloud syndication and a brand new look for Crystal Clouds will arrive in the near future!

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