Coming on the 25th of March is volume 65 of Techno Club featuring a guestmix from none other than Signum!

The triple CD release for volume 64 was a truly epic slice of uplifting trance, so it will be interesting to see what direction Signum brings us into 2022 with!

It looks like Talla 2XLC will be giving away a free bracelet and exclusive track download instead of the 3rd CD this time. Anyone wants to guess who will guestmix volume 66 already?!


Full details TBC, but tracks to include:

CD 1 - Mixed By Talla 2XLC

01 Ahmed Romel & Julie Thompson Ram LIVE FOR 2, (Extended Mix) 4:47
02 Talla 2xlc & Rinaly MIRAGE, (Extended Mix) 4:37
03 Alan Berndtz NU ERA, (Extended Mix) 3:53
04 Talla 2Xlc THE REBEL, (Extended Mix) 4:23
05 John O Callaghan & Deirdre Mclaughlin SAVING GRACE, (Extended Mix) 4:48
06 Amos & Riot Night YOU'LL NEVER FIND ME, (Extended Mix) 4:34
07 Daniel Kandy CHASING DREAMS, (Extended Mix) 3:56
08 Talla 2Xlc THE OASIS, (Metta & Glyde Extended Mix) 4:54
09 Metta & Glyde OUR OWN GODS, (Extended Mix) 5:10
10 Mark Sherry & Christina Novelli LIGHTING FIRES, (Paul Denton Extended Remix) 3:45
11 Charlie Walker & Scott Bond Aly & Fila SHADOW, (Paul Denton Extended Remix) 3:56
12 Allen Watts & Gid Sedgwick LIFE'S UNFAIR, (Extended Mix) 4:06
13 Yoshi & Razner And Bixx VICTORIA, (Extended Mix) 3:12
14 Xijaro & Pitch & Clara Yates RESCUE ME (Extended Mix) 5:15
15 nomosk SYMBOL, (Extended Mix) 4:20
16 Talla 2xlc & That Girl NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU, (Extended Mix) 4:51
17 Dj Eternity ATMOSPHERE, (Extended Mix) 4:07
18 Stoneface & Terminal With Robert Nickson FROM THE SUN, (Extended Mix) 4:02

CD 2 - Mixed By Signum

01 Ferry Corsten & Trance Wax BLACK LION, (Extended Mix) 3:54
02 Orjan Nilsen SANTAHAN JUICE, (Extended Mix) 3:21
03 Activa & Shelley Segal FALL IN, (Extended Mix) 4:58
04 The Noble Six THE PROPHECY, (Extended Mix) 7:13
05 Giuseppe Ottaviani PANAMA, (Extended Mix) 5:06
06 signum GHOST, (Extended Mix) 6:15
07 signum MIHARO, (Extended Mix) 4:52
08 assets LUMINOSITY, (Sean Tya's Extended Remix) 6:01
09 signum FLASHBACK, (Extended Mix) 5:31
10 John Askew NICETO, (Extended Mix) 3:12
11 Paul Denton & Will Rees FLUIDITY, (Extended Mix) 5:42
12 Billy Gillies NOSTALGIA, (Extended Mix) 5:15
13 John O Callaghan & Factor B THE OATH (Extended Mix) 7:39
14 Richard Durand WHITE DOLPHINS, (Extended Mix) 3:46
15 signum GET UP, (Extended Mix) 5:45


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wow exclusive tracks on it


Techno club has been on fire recently. Completely understand you didn’t like the Pulsedriver edition, but it was actually fantastic and ended with hard trance. Disc 1 of that edition was also amazing. Looking forward to Signum’s mix. I’m hoping for Metta & Glyde as guests for 66


Alex Di Stefano is 66 guest mixer. Very happy about that.


Talla’s looks decent. Not sure if I’ll enjoy Signum’s mix as much . But will give it a chance!