Happy new year everyone - apologies for the slow start to 2023, but we are now ready to get this party started!

Life seems extremely busy following a great couple of weeks off for christmas, so it's taking a bit of time to get back into routines and family life let alone Crystal Clouds!

As ever, if anyone is interested in helping out - respond and let us know.


Donations toward the end of 2022 were very strong - a massive thank you to everyone who contributed.

We are steady for the next couple of months, but unsurprisingly it has dried up in January as everyone gets their finances back on track after some challenging months.

The donations widget on the side no longer thanks individuals or tracks progress, as I've decided to take a few actions to protect anonymity on the website.

But rest assured, the individuals who have donated deserve thanks and credit for helping us out and keeping the project going.

2023 marks 20 years of Crystal Clouds. What an achievement! Although slightly depressing remembering that I was a teenager all those years ago.....!


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Congratulations on 20 years of joy!


I do recall 15-16 years ago with the future sound of egypt episode discussion threads, and the Massive 5th anniversary all day event that I listened to for most of the day that day. Good times indeed! thank you CC!


thanks for being around all these years!!


20 years is a great landmark – I discovered CC and Napster about the same time. Well here is to another 20 years 🙂