Just a brief update from me for August 2022 - hope everybody is well and enjoying some fantastic trance lately!

Aug 8th - 12th

There will be no updates to mixes during this time, due to limited internet access for me!

Hopefully there are enough mixes online for everybody to keep themselves busy.


With current inflation rates going through the roof around the world, donations have pretty much dried up (just the one donation in two months!)

Please, if you love the site and can help keep the server bandwidth available, donate if you can!

We built up a bit of a buffer during previous fundraising events, but this is almost gone again after a quiet summer.


We are currently trying to acquire an upgraded server for hosting the website.

It's necessary for this upgrade to be cheaper than our existing setup, so if anybody knows any good server hosts, or have any suggestions on this front - please shout.


I'd love to get the Crystal Clouds website and project modernised, so if there are any trance fans out there who are looking to dig a bit deeper, please let me know!

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What kind of requirements do you have for hosting? I’m guessing it’s mostly storage and bandwidth?