Including top collaborations with artists like Christian Burns, HALIENE, Signum and Susana.... Richard Durand brings you his latest album "Reactivate".

Some highlights for us include the uplifting tracks "My Guiding Light", "Beyond This Earth" and the harder edged "Off The Grid". Richard even chucks in some more progressive and psy sounding tracks to give a complete spectrum of trance sounds!

Available from the 28th of January 2022 on CD from MagikMuzik and for digital download at Beatport.




  1. Almost Home (with Christian Burns)
  2. It's Not Too Late
  3. My Guiding Light (with Christina Novelli)
  4. White Dolphins
  5. Made of Stone (with Sarah De Warren)
  6. Give Your Heart A Home (with HALIENE)
  7. Tales Of A Silhouette
  8. D72 & O.B.M Notion & That Girl - In My Heart (Richard Durand Remix)
  9. Signum - Beyond This Earth (Richard Durand Remix)
  10. I Matter To You (with Susana)
  11. Walk With Me
  12. Off The Grid
  13. Tree Of Life
  14. Ultimate
  15. Hexyl


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Richard Durand - Reactivate

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