The team at Crystal Clouds needs your help once more!

We have been exercising various changes to try and reduce the cost of running the dedicated web server for Crystal Clouds, however due to inflation, the poor market rate of the USD against the EURO and our target not being reached for a few months now - we are down to our last months (July) worth of funding. This in effect has undone the great work done by all in November/December last year.

We reach out to all members who can afford to help us keep the project online by donating what they can, but in the same sentence entirely respect the massive effort already undertaken by some users who already donate regularly.

We are in discussions with the server hosts ( to look at cheaper options, or if there are possibilities to move elsewhere - but we are trying to do this with minimal impact on the website itself.

Update 18th June

Thank you to everybody who has donated in reaction to this post!

We've raised $325 this month so far which secures the next couple of months for Crystal Clouds and allows us to have a bit of peace of mind financially.

Please note that there were a few anonymous donations, which can't be attributed to any user accounts at present. If you are missing from the list - please use the contact us page to let us know (or even reply below if you'd prefer)!

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I hope my donation helps


Good to hear I’m not on much as I don’t get the time I’m now semi retired & doing lots of traveling


I’m happy to have helped!




No fear: Everything is part of the great plan…??