Things have remained tight here at Crystal Clouds over the last year or so, as we are sure is the case for a lot of people with their own personal finances.

We have entered the situation once more where our donation funds have ran pretty much dry.

Only 2 or 3 users have been contributing in the last few months, meaning that numbers have been low but of course a massive thanks to the users who have contributed. You are effectively keeping Crystal Clouds alive on your own!

We don't like to put these pleas up, but at just over 18 years old we don't want to give the project up "just like that" either, so are seeking alternative viable solutions as well as extra funding if possible.

It is worth noting though, that we are sadly preparing for the worst case scenario of closure for the main website from 1st December.

More information as we have it, but please help if you can!

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It would be a shame to loose this awesome site, but maybe there would be a low-grade alternative to keep things going? Good luck, please keep us updated! (pitched in some more.)


you can send me some ideas if you’d like. I like how this site has hosting of mixes, and being able to comment on them. I like the variety of artists here, many i don’t see on other forums. having the mixes “downloadable” is my interest mostly, although i don’t download much.


all these ideas sound good.


are there different tiers of the this site, for different monthly costs? Like a lower version with less hosted dj sets for download?please keep kenji sekaguchi


Well, this all makes sense, it is what it is, I guess I’ll not be sad that it’s over, but be grateful that it ever was. I’ll need to spend the next month downloading this kenji sets then. I will look for other avenues for his mixes in the future.

fortunately Aly and Fila are now big enough that their mixes are found elsewhere. I think this site had a big part in their success, and for that, we are grateful.

Cheers CC! And Cheers EVM!

“sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride!!”

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I don’t always remember to support this site, but I will also do anything in my power to avoid soundcloud migration (the audio quality is unlistenable!).

I really like that this site maintains itself independently and largely unchanged over the years. I wonder if something like a patreon could help get more regular support?


now that i’m employed again, i will be donating regularly.
…as far as reverting to a mix sharing forum of some kind, Hosting CC mixes on a file sharing service (paid for depending on cost), or Hosting CC mixes on SoundCloud, all i can say is “maybe”.
CC has been a significant part of my life since 2006 & it is *so easy* & straightforward to use (download sets).
my vote is to keep CC as-is hopefully we can make the monthly running costs. steve in Florida, a.k.a. “FLsteve”
ad4e_ham at

Tero A

I just saw this, been away long time because of personal stuff. It would be real shame to see CC go down. CC and the awesome sets I found here was the spark that eventually reignited my love for trance music in 2004 or 2005 and eventually lead me back to mixing. I will try to donate whenever I can to keep this awesome site going 🙂


maybe this renewed zest can keep things going! thank you


oh yes! oh yes!


I have been checking regularly to see how donations are going. You can count on me in December and in any low month next year. Hopefully more will notice and pitch in. I want you guys to stay independent and add free. I would guess just making these pleas regularly in down months should help. The reality seems to be you need 6-12 regular donners to stay alive. That really isn’t that many people -Airplane


Is there any option to donate beside paypal?