The team at Crystal Clouds needs your help once more!

It's been nearly 18 months since the previous post like this, but we are now at a point where we desperately need your help. We now only have enough funds for the month of December and that is it. Only once in the last 6 months have we reached our donation target, which has resulted in a decline of built up funds from the previous fundraiser.

We reach out to all members who can afford to help us keep the project online by donating what they can, but in the same sentence entirely respect the massive effort already undertaken by some users who already donate regularly.

We recently updated the text on the donation page as below, which will hopefully inspire some donations that we are eternally grateful for.


Crystal Clouds loves Trance music and has been lucky enough to support our wonderful genre independently for over 15 years now.

During the course of this time we have seen the rise of websites like MixCloud, SoundCloud (etc). Many of these are in the game as a business and can potentially force adverts on you, resell your data or similar.

Crystal Clouds is a not-for-profit project ran by supporters of the genre who have no requirement to make money from invasive adverts or use your data for any malicious reason. We even respect the right for anonymity, so that you can simply enjoy the music.

Therefore, we ask kindly that our hardware overheads of approximately $100 monthly are contributed to by our users in order to keep the project online. If this is not possible, we do not stop you from enjoying the music, but we restrict your access to locally hosted data with a download limit of 10 downloads daily.

All users that do donate towards these costs are rewarded with extra download tokens - up to 200 daily, as a thanks for your support!

You can find the PayPal donation form to the right hand side of the website currently, it only takes a few moments to process.

Rest assured, we do not profit or receive commercial incentives from any of our content. Donations received are used solely for the hardware required, content is chosen to suit the project. It is not possible to pay to be hosted in our content, now or ever.

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Thanks guys


I also donated in November but my name is not listed


Set up mpd yesterday and started listening to music since a LONG time. Noticed forums were really gone, doesn’t seem to support https anymore … and just found out that you still exist 😀 (but struggling, at the least)
Also noticed that I’ve quite a number of sets from here, so contributed a bit.


The Common Name is (but that site seems to be an ad agency or sth /o\ ). I wasn’t sure they were still alive, but apparently they are.

Why not use a LetsEncrypt certificate? It’s free and you can set up a cron job to automatically renew it.

You may want to update the YEAR of the donations, we’re in 2020 now ;-P