Crystal Clouds would like to take a minute to call on the power of it's supporters this month to plead for donations to keep this project alive.

Over the course of 2015 we received substantial support from a variety of members, but the monthly expense of approximately $140 can quickly drain any funds that we have amassed in a year if donations fall short.

We would like to take this opportunity to firstly praise and thank those members for wonderful support throughout 2015 as per every year before that - but plead with others to consider donating to keep our project alive.

We would love to continue Crystal Clouds and keep work on the redevelopment going, but the finances will eventually become a show stopper, as we cannot keep it going alone.

As it stands we have reserve funds available to keep us going over the course of April and May, but should donations not be raised in time, cancellation would have to be applied a month in advance.

Please consider support Crystal Clouds today!

Note - if anybody has any suggestions as to helping the Crystal Clouds project which don't involve financial support, please feel free to private message @evm or email us at


9 thoughts on “Please Continue To Support Crystal Clouds!

  1. lets just hope members realise to run a site takes effort, time & money
    both the Dj’s & Admins do it for there love of music & members need to do there bit by supporting these efforts

  2. Done. I’m out of work atm, but CC keeps me entertained at home. So if I can find a bit of cash to do it with no money coming in – so can you. Get involved people.

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