Whilst we do spend a lot of our time concentrating on uplifting / harder trance sounds here at Crystal Clouds.....

Otographic Music and Otographic Arts do like to remind us that Trance music can sound just as good with a slower pace, beautiful melodies and plain awesome sounds throughout.

Naturally they don't stop there though, there definitely is some fantastic uplifting trance to be heard here too.

Be sure to support the label and artists and check out their new 20 track exclusive CD mixed by Crystal Clouds legend Kenji Sekiguchi.



01 Kenji Sekiguchi - Into The Dawn (2020 Mix)
02 KIWAMU - Tanzanite
03 Masanori Yasuda - Kalos Eidos (2020 Remode)
04 Kazusa - Tsurugi
05 Kazusa & Shingo Nakamura - In Zero Two
06 Hiroyuki ODA - Sparkle (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
07 aran - Cytisus
08 Nhato - Atlantis
09 Kyohei Akagawa & Kenji Sekiguchi - Kaze Yawaraka
10 KaNa - Yulara

01 OCOT - Natural Whispers
02 Taishi - Acies
03 Nhato - Behind The Shadow
04 Kyohei Akagawa - As No World Idealized (C Scene)
05 Nhato - Past And Then (Blacklolita Remix)
06 Nhato - Eureka (REMO-CON Remix)
07 Kenji Sekiguchi - Fading Dusk (Hiroyuki ODA Remix)
08 Nhato - Gekka (Dominant Space Remix)
09 Taishi - Oriens
10 Hiroyuki ODA - Crux

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