Magdelayna is probably best known for his classic mixes, fantastic chilled tracks and free giveaways!

April 2020 see's the release of his latest artist album - Anthology II.

Featuring beautiful chillout tracks with the likes of one of my personal favourites - "Sunset On San Antonio" or "The Voyage To Neptune" and some vintage trance sounds from the likes of "98 Returning", this album has it all.

Rings Of Saturn (2019 Remake) has to be my overall favourite - uplifting, great effects and vocal clips turn this into a hair raiser of a track.

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1. The Ashen Light Of Venus 06:45
2. Sunset On San Antonio 07:14
3. Tears For Adagio (Club Mix) 06:52
4. 98 Returning 08:21
5. Rings Of Saturn (2019 Remake) 07:19
6. Stasis 08:29
7. Dark Atoms 08:27
8. The Voyage To Neptune 09:31

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